Monday, November 3, 2008

Forever hold your peace

Stepping up to the pre-dawn electoral line here. Think of it as a laundry-in-progress list. How does one get on it? Let's say not being mentioned once in the last two years of campaign-speak is all it takes to spill over this divide:

I will now refer to Barack Obama as the PE ("President-elect") -- you'll have to declassify the other future cast members. Afterall if you can't be presumptuous about history why bother blogging?

PE Obama:

How do you turn a new leaf without stoking the cleansing bonfire of more-than-enough eight years of non-transferable blame?

Is your prevailing coolness going over the heads of the less-temperate souls who will thwart your every move? At what point will the Move On petitions be perceived as a pile-up and less as a flooded switchboard call to action?

We're dealing with a congressional majority who owes its newfound status more to non-action than standing up. If you don't how can we stand with you?

COS Emanuel:

How do you advocate for stronger triangulation? Partisanship doomed the last show in town and the new guy in town is not exempt no matter how many seats the dems pick up tomorrow. One suggestion -- pick a fight with Harvard trustees on the tax exemption status of Big Higher Ed. That will innoculate Obama against elitism and create a smokescreen when No Child does get left behind for good.

TS Summers:

The tidal bailout waves have opened the credit spigots and that giant draining sound is beginning to sound a lot like back channel pay. Are you going to audit the funds or will the Wall Street backlash double-back these floodgates before the honeymoon is canceled?

DS Hagel:

We've outsourced our supply chain to the GOP donor base. Who's going to provide the ground-cover for our soft power displays in Kabul and Khanduhar when an underfunded FEMA calls its little Blackwater book?

VPE Biden:

How do you inherit the new fourth branch of government and assume business-as-usual has any meaning? Dismantling Cheney will make exhuming McCarthy smell like fresh disinfectant.

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