Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where There's a Wil There's a .Wav

This just in from the prolific Fab Four archivist Wil Montgomery* of Bobolink Lane in leafy suburban Milwaukee -- a recipe for transferring videos to MP3s. In lay geek terms what kind of transformation are we talking about? Wil is addressing how to make an *.mp3 from a Youtube *.flv file ("flash video) or *.swf file (shockwave file).

The process has all the vicarious thrills of flying the good housekeeping seal over a pirated ship in choppy commercial waters.


  1. Right click Internet Explorer Icon

  2. Choose: Internet properties

  3. Select Settings

  4. Select View Files

  5. Click on column to sort by last accessed

  6. There is the last file viewed on Youtube (usually 3-20 MB)

  7. Drag that file to your music folder (if it is not *.flv file type, add that to the end of file name)

Last but not least:

  1. Get a free "FLV file converter" from download.com
  2. Use it on the file to convert to *.avi or *.mpeg
  3. Get a music editor
  4. Strip out the audio ** This happens automatically when file is loaded into to the music editor. Wil endorses Magix Music Editor
  5. Save as *mp3
  6. Transfer to your player

Pictured: Free flv converter


* Not Wil M. of the Alabama Beekeeepers Association

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