Sunday, June 3, 2012

Home Stretch

The pulsating membranes of a home are springing to life. The floor plans are now sanded, stained, and open to trafficking feet. The brittle bones of an 1875 farm house have been reclaimed by the construction methods and materials of tank-less hot water systems, natural gas stoves and hearths, mini-splits, and spray foam insulation.

I am humbled by good fortune, astonished at the outcomes, and deeply gratified as:

  1. An info-geek whose architectures are purely mental constructions -- even after my user-tenants take occupancy. (The concentration of ownership in data "clouds" is one aspect of climate change I'm better prepared to handle than a flood in my basement).

  2. A weary refuge released from the splintered floorboards of past broken homes.

Point 2 does not imply a replay of this road map. Contrary to industrial grade spiritual traditions, I have come to know absolution as a two-way street. I feel nothing but resolution and regard for my fellow passengers from these prior home wrecks.

That said, my gratitude extends beyond life lessons and circumstances to Lesley Theall. Lesley clearly saw my handyman challenges extending beyond hammering and measuring to include project managing the orchestrations of home-building from scratch. She knows that merely pitching a mailbox at 4 French Street would earn instant ribbon contention in the soap box derby of my personal Home and Garden network. She saved me from myself.

As I transitioned from land parcels to housing options I also received the good counsel of realtor Maryellen Stokarski. Maryellen knew there are few options between empty-nesters looking to downsize and younger couples with McMansions in their sights. So she led me to my love at first sight moment. That's not an overstatement considering the monogamous nature of this transaction (the property never made its way to the MLS listings)!

I am particularly grateful to Peter Gelinas of Valley Building Co. and his capable team of contractors for their dedication to details, deadlines, team play, and an innate ability to anticipate issues that will never surface because of their design work, coordination, and craftsmanship.

Here are the spoils of their handiwork.

[caption id="attachment_1079" align="alignleft" width="300"] Living room: man cave or conference facility?[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1080" align="alignleft" width="300"] Site of future privacy room of reading library.

Wall-to-wall screens at porch side.[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300"] Hickory owes nothing to consistency and has thus found a home in my kitchen.
The second floor landing banister view of the front door. (Note that patch of cork flooring on the lower left)

Lowe's did the carpet with lightening speed but I completed their customer satisfaction survey even faster[/caption]

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